Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pink Ribbon Tag

Thanks kak ina for sharing this tag with me! And to all my fellow bloggers who read this message, please feel free to grab this tag, help spreading the breast cancer awareness. Thank you! This one is all about breast cancer, which everyone knows is one of the most life-threatening diseases today. I’m doing my part in spreading awareness on breast cancer by sharing some scary yet so very true facts on breast cancer. Ladies, do take note!

* One in eight women or 12.6% of all women will get breast cancer in her lifetime.

* Breast cancer risk increases with age and every woman is at risk.

* Every 13 minutes a woman dies of breast cancer.

* Seventy-seven percent of women with breast cancer are over 50.

* Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women between the ages of 15 and 54, and the second cause of cancer death in women 55 to 74.

* Risks for breast cancer include a family history, atypical hyperplasia, early menstruation (before age 12), late menopause (after age 55), current use or use in the last ten years of oral contraceptives, and daily consumption of alcohol.

* Early detection of breast cancer, through monthly breast self-exam and particularly yearly mammography after age 40, offers the best chance for survival.

Above facts taken from Women’s Health Organisation Forum.

And now here is the tag and the rules:
1. Put the logo in your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who shared it with you.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

Now my turn to tag...

6~petite adry

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Harimau Cheetah..

Semalam sewaktu sedang menonton rancangan Animal Planet..

"Mama, kenapa harimau cheetah tu kejar abah rusa tu?"

"Cheetah tu kejar sebab perut dia lapar, dia nak makan la rusa tu.."

"Mama, harimau cheetah tu mana boleh makan rusa! Nanti mama rusa dengan anak dia semua carik abah rusa tu dah kena makan. Harimau cheetah tu makan nasik ajelah."

"Macam mana cheetah tu nak makan nasik? Siapa yang nak masakkan?"

"Mama dia la masakkan nasik, buat lauk fish. Barula sedap......"


Adi dan Ayah... La la la la la....

Siapa lagi encem? Anak ke bapak? Ekekekekkekekee...

Saje je pakaikan Haikal macam ni.. Suke! Comel! Kalau abah tau ni sure dia marah... hihihihihihii

Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend kali ini...

Nak update things that happen during the weekend. Jom kita tenguk...

1. Nak citer pasal pokok cili. Dulu2 saya ada tanam beberapa jenis tumbuhan untuk memudahkan tugas2 memasak kat rumah. Masa tu saya tanam pokok cili, serai, kunyit, tomato, pandan, kesum, pudina dan pokok kari. Sempat jugakla saya merasa hasil tanaman saya tu. Tapi nak dijadikan cerita masa saya terkena penyakit buatan orang saya memang tak jaga langsung pokok2 ni semua. Sudahnya diorang mati kering..... So pokok cili yang baru saya tanam ni merupakan antara langkah awal untuk mengembalikan kehidupan kepada my 'edible garden' itu. Sepatutnya pokok cili ni dah lama dipindahkan ke tanah, tapi asyik tertangguh saja. Tenguk2 da keluar bunga pun.....

2. Suami saya ada beli pisang berangan, dah lama tak makan pisang.. Pisang tu punyalah besar2! Harga pun boleh tahan, sampai cakap kat suami kalau kita tanam pisang keliling rumah pastu jual ikut harga runcit ni pun boleh tahan jugak pendapatannya.. hehehehhehe... Budak2 pun apalagi, asik makan pisang ajela kerjanya...

3. Sambil-sambil tu saya buatkan kek pisang nih sebab geram sangat dengan pisang tu... hehehhehe.. boleh gitu? Kek ni sedap makan time panas2 keluar dari oven tu sebab top layer tu crunchy. Bila dibiarkan sehari dia jadik basah melekit2. Apa-apapun, kek ni memang best sebab senang dibuat dan rasanya sedap..

4. Budak sorang nih kena ketit apa ntah kat hidung tu sampai merah menyala. Macam nak tumbuh bisul pun ada jugak...

4. Lastly....... Janagn lupakan budak yang lagi sorang nih... Bangun tidur je tersengih-sengih..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beautiful oil paintings...

Just want to share these breathtakingly beautiful oil paintings... kalaulah saya ada bakat melukis macam ni kan besttttt......

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Apala budak Haikal ni tengah buat....

Budak ni senyaappp je ni, mesti ada sesuatu.. Jom kita pasang spy cam..

Apala yang dia dok belek dalam kabinet tu? Ada pape yang menarik ke nak Haikal oiii...

p/s: sila abaikan rumahku yang sepah2 tu ye.. sila focus kat budak sorang tu ye... huhuhuhhhu


Just to show how fat I am.
Dahla tembam, perut berlapis-lapis... dulu macam papan lapis sekarang da jadik kuih lapis
HUhuhuhuhuhuu... Mama nak kurusssss..... cam dolu-dolu......

Budak-budak nak pegi nursery...

Pagi tadi lepas siapkan barang2 nak bawak ke nursery pergi kejutkan budak2 ni... Dah macam pelarian pulak Mama tenguk budak2 ni bergelimpangan...

Haikal main baaa cak!

Muka anak dara bangun tido...

Bebear kesayangan Haikal...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Baby at 7 months..

14hb Nov ni Haikal da 7 bulan. Let see what a seven month baby can do..

Bouncing up and down
Your baby can now support some of her weight on her legs, and she loves to bounce. What's more, she's probably able to sit unsupported (which will free her hands for exploring), and she'll turn when sitting to reach a desired object. She may even be able to get into a sitting position from lying on her stomach by pushing up on her arms.

*Haikal ni bab-bab melonjak2 ni dia da start masa umur 4-5 bulan lagi. Mama dah try dudukkan dia unsupported, tangan dia tahan kat depan dan tepi... tapi asik tergolekkk aje. Lepas tergolek dia gelak2

Learning to grab
Your baby's fine motor skills are coming along, too. By now she can probably scoop things up with just one little hand and transfer them from one hand to the other fairly easily. She may also be able to clasp her hands together and sip from a two-handled cup (with your assistance). Before long you'll probably notice the noise level increasing, not only because of your baby's babble, but also because she'll find out how much fun it is to bang objects together. To encourage fine motor activity, place a toy just out of your baby's reach and watch her try to get it. If she cries because she can't quite get it, keep giving her relaxed encouragement - but not the toy. She's just venting frustration and will become more physically confident more quickly if you don't make everything too easy for her. After a few tries, she'll be able to lean forward to grab it and then straighten herself again. Of course, this will give her ideas, and she'll soon be rocking back and forth on her hands and knees and may crawl or repeatedly roll over to move about the room. Aid her explorations and mobility by dressing her in loose, comfortable clothes.

*Haikal dah start exploring sambil tangan dia menggapai2 itu ini since 6 bulan. Bouncer dia tu dia boleh tarik sebelah tangan. Kalau mainan Yaya pun dia suka amik n makan!

While your baby may already have begun teething (the average age is five or six months, though it can start as early as three months or as late as 12 months), about now you can expect to see the two upper central incisors, then the two lateral incisors. Don't be alarmed if your baby has gaps between some of her teeth; teeth often come through the gums at odd angles, and any spaces commonly disappear after all 20 baby teeth have broken through. Once your baby starts teething, you can expect more drooling and experimenting with sounds as she adjusts to having these strange new things in her mouth.

*Hmmmm... belum ada tanda2 nak kuar gigi la budak ni... Tapi Yaya dulu pun dekat setahun baru tumbuh gigi... Agak Mama ni kurang minum susu masa peknen tu yang gigi lambat tumbuh tu...

Testing your authority
By now, you may already have found yourself telling your baby that the telephone is not a toy. Or maybe in your house the reminders revolve around her tossing her rattle in your face. The fact is, at this age your baby may begin testing your authority by refusing to follow your directions or entreaties. When she pushes back, she's not being disobedient or wilful - she's just curious and simply can't remember things for more than a couple of seconds at a time. The best tactic is to use a simple no, then distract her.

*Erk... So far Haikal belum paham apa2 arahan lagi ye....

The beginnings of separation anxiety
If your baby is anxious when she's away from you during the day, her concern will be compounded at bedtime. When she wakes up at night, even for a moment, she'll know you're nearby, and will be vocal about trying to get your attention. You'll feel torn between the strong urge to scoop her up and take her to bed with you and the voices of those who tell you that to do so is to spoil her. Don't worry: it won't hurt to indulge her occasionally - not always - by bringing her into bed with you. When the separation anxiety disappears, you can teach her to sleep by herself again. Of course, if you've opted for the family bed, you'll always be close at night. Your baby's reluctance to be separated from you may delight you but may also frustrate you at times. In either case, it might help to load a laundry basket with her toys and move it - and her - from room to room so you can get the jobs that need doing around the house done while enjoying each other's company.

*Uhuk.. uhuk... baru minggu ni budak Haikal menunjukkan ciri2 ni. Pantang Mama dia hilang dari pandangan mestila melalak macam kena picit. Selagi Mama dia tak dukung n pujuk selagi tu dia melalak, sampai berpeluh2!

Recognition skills
Your baby now actively engages in hiding games and can remember that the jack-in-the-box pops up at the end of the song. She's also able to recognise different tones and inflections and may burst into tears if you speak harshly.

*Ye.. Haikal suka sangat kalau Mama nyanyi lagu2 yang dah diubahsuai masukkan nama dia. Baru start nyanyi dah tersengih je mamat tu. Sampai part sebut nama dia terus tergelak. Mama suka sakat dia kenkunun marahkan dia, HEP! BIASAAA DIA! nanti mulut dia tercebik2 nak nangis. So cute!

Figuring out how objects relate
Your baby's beginning to understand how objects relate to one another in three-dimensional space. She may be able to sort toys, grouping items such as blocks by size. And if she admires her reflection in a window, and you suddenly appear behind her image, she's likely to turn and look for you instead of believing that you're in the mirror itself. If you've noticed that a simple game of peekaboo is absolutely fascinating to your baby, it's because she's also starting to understand object permanence and loves games where people or things appear and disappear. In fact, one of the easiest ways to keep a seven-month-old occupied is by hiding an object under a blanket for her to discover.

*Fuiyooo... yang ni Mama dah try buat, tapi Haikal ni buat muka seposen je sebab dia tak paham... Peekaboo je dia paham

Stimulating toys and games
Your baby enjoys playing the same game over and over because she likes predictability. In addition to peekaboo (see above), try adding classics such as round and round the garden and patta-cake patta-cake to your repertoire. At this age, babies also tend to gravitate toward stuffed animals, both big and small. Most likely, one will emerge as the favourite security object and will soon be covered in dribble and have to accompany you everywhere. When adding new members to your soft toy collection, look for soft, well-stitched stuffed toys that can be washed. Other good toys include balls, nesting cylinders, pop-up toys, and large dolls. If your baby has a favourite plaything or two, you may start to realise that the expression "as easy as taking sweets from a baby" no longer applies. While it used to be easy to remove things from her grasp, you may now find her protesting loudly when you take toys and other things away.

*HAIKAL SUKA TEDDY BEAR!!!! Kalau teddy bear ada depan mata dia tersengih2, terus mulut dia kuar bunyi babble2 macam bercerita apa ntah dengan kawan2. Tidur pon peluk teddy bear!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Baby at 6 months

Exploring with his hands
By the time he's about six months old (though sometimes it takes a little longer), your baby's hand control is developed enough that he can pull an object towards him. Once he's learned to grab a toy, he'll start to practise moving objects from one hand to the other. Plus, he may discover that letting go of something is as much fun as picking it up. Once he understands the concept of cause and effect, your baby's world will become more interesting ... and yours a good deal messier.
* Haikal sekarang ni memang suka mencapai-capai apa saja. Kalau dukung tu kejap2 dia bongkok nak capai itula inilah, time meniarap tu lagila.... semua menda dia amik masuk mulut!

Left or right handed?
It's still too early to tell whether your baby is left- or right-handed. At this stage, most babies seem to favour one hand for a while and then switch to the other. True left- or right-handedness won't really be determined until he's between two and three years old.
*Oooo... to early to say la puloks. Anyway, sekarang ni dia prefer pegang barang guna right hand. Kalau bagi barang kat tangan kiri nanti dia transfer ke tangan kanan

Learning to roll over
By this age, most babies have learned to roll over in each direction, a milestone that will probably amuse you - and him. Of course, while rolling over is fun for your baby, it could wrack a few nerves for you. Keep a hand on your baby during nappy changes, and never leave him unattended on a bed or any other raised up surface. If you use a changing table, now might be a good time to start putting the changing mat on the floor instead.
*Yang ini memang soooo true

Your little social animal
At this age babies not only tolerate attention from others, they often initiate it. Though you may soon notice the beginnings of stranger anxiety, six-month-olds are still fairly indiscriminate: anyone who approaches your baby with raised eyebrows or a grin delights him and becomes an instant friend. But don't worry - he still needs and craves lots of attention from you.
*Budak Haikal ni semua orang dia tegur... Siap bole hulur2 tangan lagi.

Your baby is also learning that his behaviours, both the ones you like and the ones you don't, engage you, so starting now (and for years to come) your child will do just about anything to get your attention. Right now almost everything he does is endearing, but as he gets older, he's more likely to get into mischief to provoke a reaction from you. Just don't forget to lavish attention on him when he meets with your approval.
*So far tak perasan lagi menda ni...

One thing will become clear: your baby is beginning to vary his attention-getting repertoire beyond crying. So expect him to work hard to get you to notice him by wriggling, making noises, and so on. Over the next three months, he'll develop a uniquely personal way of letting you know what he thinks, wants, and needs.
*Yang ni pun dia belum buat lagi....

Playing turn-taking games
Six-month-olds love turn-taking games, especially ones that involve sounds and language. Let your baby be the leader sometimes, and mimic his vocalisations. When it's your turn to lead, a good way to teach your child - and make him laugh at the same time - is to make animal noises ("quack-quack," "bow-wow," and so on).
*Haikal suka main peek-a-boo.. Dia sendiri tutup muka dengan kain n buka pastu gelak sendiri.

Your baby the babbler
By six months your baby sees and hears the world almost as well as you do. His communication skills are expanding rapidly, too, including squeals, bubbling sounds, operatic octave changes, and babbling. At this age, about half of all babies babble, repeating one syllable - such as "ba," "ma," "ga," or other consonant-vowel combinations - over and over. A few will even add another syllable or two, making their sounds more complex. You can encourage your baby by babbling right back at him and by making a game of it ("The sheep says, 'baaa,'" or "The goat says, 'maaa,'" and so on), or by listening as if you understand everything he says and find it extremely interesting. Your baby can also recognise different tones and inflections and may cry now, if you speak to him harshly. A guaranteed way to delight your baby is to fill a glass three-quarters full and use a straw to blow bubbles. Both the sound and sight will make him laugh.
*Kalau Mama ajar dia cakap mamamamamama ke babababbababbaba ke punyala dia suka.. tapi dia tak follow pun...

Stimulating his senses
Your baby uses all of his senses to explore and learn about his world. Make sure he has lots of safe things around to touch, mouth and manipulate. He'll delight in squishing a soft rubber ball, patting a piece of fake fur, gnawing a chilled teething ring, and hearing a bell sound inside a stuffed animal.
*Very the true

Getting a kick out of story hour
Reading aloud to your child comes into its own now, as he will enjoy looking at bright pictures and having a quiet snuggle on your lap. No matter what your child's age, of course, reading provides an opportunity for cuddling and socialising that both baby and parent can appreciate. *Huhuhuhuhuuu.... sorryla sayang... Mama ni malash banyak bab baca buku kuat2 ni... Takpe, nanti Mama minta tolong kakak Yaya bacakan ye (tenguk gambo n sebut je la...)

Emosi Mama

Saya rasa saya ni terlalu emotional atau penuh dengan emosi yang meluap-luap menanti masa untuk dikeluarkan. Banyak perkara yang saya buat reaksi pertama datang dari hati - ikutkan sangat perasaan tu... Bila dah bertenang nanti baru boleh berfikir dengan waras dan macam teserlah ketidakwajaran tindakan saya tu.

Cuma disini saya perlu tegaskan, setiap tindak tanduk saya tu mesti ada pencetusnya, justeru kalau saya marah / mengamuk / merajuk / gembira / sedih mesti ada penyebabnya.

Cerita di bawah berlaku ketika kami sedang shoping barang keperluan harian.

Insiden 1:
"Mama nak beli tepung"
"Pergilah ambik"
Mama pergi ambik dan bawa ke troli....
"Kenapa mama ambik tepung ni? Yang ni tak sedap, belilah yang cap sauh tu, yang tu lagi
sedap" (dalam hati mama saborrr je, selama ni siapa yang selalu buat kuih? Agaknya selama
ni kalau mama buat kuih tu semua tak sedap ke sebab tak guna tepung cap sauh tu?"

Insiden 2:
"Mama pegi ambik tisu, tisu kat rumah tu dah habis"
Mama pergi amik n bawa ke troli
"Kenapa mama amik yang ini? Kan abang cakap amik yang CF punya.."
"Mana ada, mama dengar abah soh amik tisu sebab tisu kat umah dah abis, tu je"
"Abah cakap camni la.. "Mama pergi amik tisu cap CF sebab tisu kat umah tu da habis.." Mama yang tak dengar..."

(dalam hati dah tak sabor da...)

"Dahla! Lepas ni abang amik la sendirik pape pun. Semua yang Mama amik semua salah, semua tak betul. Lepas ni tak payah suruh Mama lagi!"

"Alaaa... relex la... tu pun nak marah.. Abah cuma nak suruh Mama exercise je jalan sikit amik itu ini..."

(dalam hati haku da hangin nih!!! maknanya haku ni gemuk sangat ke sampai soh exercise tuuuu!!!! MERAJUK!!!!)

Lepas round2 lagi si dia yang ambik barang pulak... Mama follow 5 langkah kat belakang..

"Mama nak pape lagi?"

Mama geleng kepala
(dalam hati kalau ikutkan banyak lagi barang Mama nak beli tapi hatiku telah disakiti dan haku dah takde mood nak shoping dan haku dah merajuk... huhuhuhuhuhuhuuuhuhuuu...)

Persoalannya di sini, wajarkah tindakan dan kata2 saya itu? Adakah terlalu mengikut perasaan? Adakah anda juga mengalami perkara2 sedemikian? Ada lagi ke yang senasib dengan saya?