Friday, March 13, 2009

Baby at 11 months

Tomorrow 14.3.09, Haikal will hit 11 month old. Kejap je dah nak setahun...

Growing physical independence
Now that she's only one month shy of her first birthday, your baby is no longer that helpless infant who couldn't do anything without you. She still needs plenty of care and support, but her growing independence -- evident in her solo standing, stooping, and squatting -- is becoming apparent. She may walk while gripping your hand, and she'll hold out her arm or leg to help you dress her. At mealtimes, she may be able to grip a cup and drink from it independently (though some children may not do this for a few more months) and hand-feed herself an entire meal. Of course, once your child is able to drink from a cup by herself, you may need to start ducking, because she's just as likely to toss it when she's finished as she is to put it down gently. She'll also purposely drop objects for someone, probably you, to pick up.
*Haikal is currently all of the above - grin. Lots of bumps and bruises compared to Yaya last time. Yaya sangat berhati-hati dan jarang sangat jatuh dan buat perkara2 yang adventurous

Books for your little reader
Your child likes to look at books and leaf through the pages, though she won't always turn them one by one. She may have favourite books too, that she likes to come back to time and again.
*Haikal suka tenguk dan makan buku. Mudah2an dia rajin baca buku macam mama dia jugak. Aminnn... muahahahaha..

Becoming her own person
At this age your baby may assert herself among her siblings and begin to engage in parallel play -- contentedly playing alongside (but not with) another child. She may also have designated a favourite blanket or stuffed animal as a security object.
*Haikal sangat obsess dengan bola, dia suka main catch d ball dgn Yaya. Suka ambil apa saja mainan dari tangan Yaya dan tidur sambil peluk teddybear (Yaya punya jugak).

Time to start setting limits
Your baby now probably understands simple instructions and may purposely choose to ignore you when you say no. (To help the word carry a little more weight, reserve its use for things that are truly dangerous.) But even though your baby may not always remember tomorrow what you've said today, it's not too soon to set certain boundaries and start teaching her right from wrong. You're not being mean if you don't let her devour a second cake; you're setting limits. If she pulls kitty's tail, move her hand, look her in the eye, and say, "No, that hurts the cat." Then guide your daughter's hand to pet the animal gently. Her desire to explore is stronger than her desire to listen to your warnings, so it's up to you to protect and teach her. What seems to be defiance isn't; it's just her natural curiosity to see how the world works.

Talking up a storm
Words and wordlike sounds are now spilling out of your baby -- words she's now able to use meaningfully. As the frontal lobes of her brain gradually develop, coinciding with the arrival of higher cognitive abilities such as reasoning and speech, you can continue to encourage her interest in language by avidly listening and responding to her words and babbling. This type of interaction is crucial to teaching her about two-way communication. Playing games such as patta-cake and peekaboo will help polish her memory skills. At this age, your baby can probably imitate word sounds and inflections as well as actions. She may be able to follow simple directions, such as "Please bring me the ball" or "Pick up the spoon." Help her learn by separating commands into easy-to-follow steps. Cherish this brief but remarkable period when your baby's communication skills are emerging: They're perhaps the most important ability she'll ever have.
*Rasa2nya Haikal dah faham kalu cakap macam ni:
- Salam mama - dia pegang tangan kita n cium sambil makan jari kita
- mama mintak - dia bagi apa yang dia pegang
- no no no! - nanti dia pukul tangan kita, tapi pukul pelan je sambil senyum2. so cute!
- kipas mana kipas? Lampu mana lampu? - dia tenguk atas sambil tunjuk lampu n kipas
-Haikal jump! - nanti dia ala2 lompat2 sambil sengih2
- Haikal abum - nanti dia terus carik port nak landing (abum means baring)

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ena said...

WAAA TOMEI Tomei tomei...

haikal abum!!! ehehehe

Honey D said...

weh nape haku tgk si haikal ni ada iras adam??


cikwawi said...

tenkiu tenkiu aunty ena.. :-)

Kita pun ada perasaan cenggitu jugak tau, dah lama da perasaan macam sama ajer..