Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby at 9 month..

My dear Adi Haikal turn 9 mo today... Ish, ish, ish... rasa cam baru je beranakkan budak ni, lagi 3 bulan dah setahun umurnya..

Let see what a 9mo can do....

Almost walking
Your baby is getting closer and closer to full-fledged walking. At this age she can probably crawl up stairs and cruise, moving around upright while holding onto furniture. A few nine-month-olds may even take a few steps -- with support. Your baby is also learning how to bend her knees and how to sit after standing (which is harder to master than you might think!). You can help your baby by standing or kneeling in front of her and holding out your hands encouragingly, by holding both her hands and walking her toward you; or by buying a toddle truck or a similar contraption your baby can hold onto and push (look for toddle toys that are stable and have a wide base of support).

Childproofing your home is a necessity now. One good place to start is to put latches on the doors of off-limits cupboards -- babies inevitably make a beeline for such things.

* Ohhh... idokle nampak budak Haikal ni in the verge of walking... Ate, masih lagi angkat2 punggung macam merangkak tapi tak bergerak kemana pun.. Kalau dalam walker memang laju le dia bergeraknya, kaki pun macam ala2 berjalan.. but not by himself. Dia dah boleh berdiri with support.. means: meniarap-pegang badan mama-and push himself to stand.

Shoes? Not yet
When their babies start standing and cruising, many parents wonder if shoes are necessary. Until your baby is walking around outdoors regularly, most experts don't think so. Going barefoot not only can help strengthen your child's arches and leg muscles but, according to Penelope Leach in Your Baby and Child, it can also make it easier for your baby to balance when her shoeless feet are free to feel all the textures of what she's walking on.

* Kalu kat rumah takde maknenye nak pakai kasut nih semer... heheheheh

Playing and learning
Your baby can now put objects in a container and remove them. Give her a plastic bucket and some colourful blocks (make sure they're not so small she can swallow them) so she can practise this new skill. She also likes toys with moving parts, such as wheels, levers, or doors that open and close. Big plastic cars that your baby can roll around on the floor are fun playthings for both boys and girls. If you take a toy away from her, your increasingly assertive baby is likely to object. She's really starting to be able to make her needs and wants known. About half of all nine-month-olds will initiate passing games, giving away toys and then taking them back. Be her playmate. Try rolling a ball to your baby when you're playing on the floor and see if she rolls it back to you. Give her a sorting toy or stacking rings and see if she sorts or stacks or hands the pieces to you.
*Iye... Haikal suka sangat main dengan whatever toys available. Kalau nampak kakak Yaya punya bucket of blocks he will run after it and topple it down. Lepas tu dia baling2 blocks tu, and kakak Yaya akan bising sebab adik dia main mainan dia...

Coping with separation
Now, and for the next few months, is when separation anxiety is at its peak. Although it's normal for a nine-month-old to show an extreme attachment to you and fear of everyone else, it can be difficult for doting grandparents and caregivers. You can help ease the transition for your child by warning people to approach slowly and letting the baby make the first move. If your child uses a thumb or a dummy to soothe herself or settle down as she tries to cope with her anxiety, that's okay. Sucking is one of your baby's only methods of calming herself.

*Haiiyaaa.. ini budak sikalang aa tatak muleh tatak nampak mama dia ooo... terus ajer melalak. Kalau weep ajer okey lagi, ini sampai ke tahap menjerit2 sampai satu Taman boleh dengar... aduhaiiiii.... Tapikan, haikal tak takut orang la.. Dengan sapa2 ajer dia boleh tegur2

Trying to travel
This can be a tough age to travel with your baby. Your child likes predictability, and travelling disturbs her routines. If you do travel, be prepared for a grumpy, clingy child. Have plenty of distractions ready -- picture books, noise-making toys, and, most importantly, her security object. And if she uses a dummy, it's wise to bring along a handful: they seem to vanish just when you need them most.

*Oh, mama silap percaturan ke bawak Haikal travel last month ke Penang? Tapi haikal okey2 ajer cuma dia cepat boring kalau lama dalam kereta. So we have to make a stop whenever dia da start meragam, keluar jalan2 jap amik angin and then continue with the journey.

Language comprehension
The torrent of words your child has been hearing since birth is beginning to work its magic. By now, your baby's understanding of words far outpaces her ability to use them, and her babbling is probably starting to sound more like real words, including "ma" and "da." (Don't get too excited just yet -- they're more than likely not actual words, just a couple of the host of sounds she babbles constantly.) At this stage your child still comprehends more from your tone than from your actual words. The more you talk to her -- while preparing dinner, driving, or getting dressed -- the more your baby learns about communication. In fact, one study found that the greatest predictor of later intelligence is how many words a child hears daily. Of course, idle background chatter and time spent parked in front of the TV don't count -- to help your baby's comprehension, she must hear words and language used interactively. At nine months, a baby begins to understand the word "no," but she may not obey just yet. However, she will respond to her name by looking around or by stopping what she's doing to see who called. Reinforce her recognition behaviour by saying her name frequently.

*"HAIKAL...." kalu panggil gini cepat je dia datang sambil sengih2 kerang bucuk. Kenkadang panggil "ADIK.." pun dia datang jugak. Saya pasti dia dah pandai sebut "ABAH" sebab everytime dia nampak abah itulah yang disebutnya. Nampak abah jauh, lagi kuat dia sebut (panggil le tu). Kakak Yaya dia panggil "DADAK"


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luna said...

Salam mama Yaya & Haikal..
mommy iki melawat baby2 mu ini...:)tadi jumpa sekejap sangat..tak sempat bergosip